Scientifically Advanced Technology for Herbal Bioavailability

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Nature’s Essentials® contract manufacturing arm has always been on the cutting edge of herbal supplement formulation and development in the United States. About a decade after perfecting the best technology available to the dietary supplement industry, we invested millions of dollars in equipment with pharmaceutical capabilities that we could apply to naturally derived ingredient supplements. Now we’ve perfected both Liposomal and Cyclosome® technology at the cutting edge of delivery systems in liquid, tablets, capsules, sublingual’s and more setting the standard for pharmaceutical-quality, super-high absorption herbal supplements. This delivery is so cutting edge, some of you might ask ‘what does all of this even mean?” Well, here’s your answer:

  • Bioavailability (which is just a fancy term for the ability of a substance to be absorbed and utilized within the body) is a constant challenge for nutritionists and pharmaceutical /dietary supplement formulators alike. The challenge is even greater with herbal products.

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  • advanced cyclosome tm technology

    Hydrophobic ingredients lack solubility. Solubility is just a fancy term for having the ability to dissolve in water in which case hydrophobic lack such ability (aka insoluble). Insolubility is something that some ingredients are challenged by which also adversely impacts their bioavailability.

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  • purified no mercury
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  • enteric coated
  • purified ingredients